Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Name Your Price

Investing in real estate like a condo can be satisfying if you did your research on which places to buy. You have the option to move in or have it generate income as a rental place. However, if you are putting up the apartment as one of many quality condos for sale in Myrtle Beach, SC, you will have to do some homework on setting the right price.

Area Data
One of the things your preferred Realtor® will recommend you to do is to gather data on the real-estate market in your area. Variables to look out for include the trends in your city, neighborhood, and even the block your unit is located in. The last can also strike close to home: try checking out listings for any units in your condo block, especially if they’re of the same floor area as your unit, and learn how long the owners have had it up for sale or if there have been any offers.
Unit Eval
A look at your unit can swing the final price either way. Consider the building’s relative age and shape, and account for any remodels done on your unit since you bought. Some property agents also vouch for good views as adding a few more numbers to the price; in the case of Myrtle Beach, apartments with ocean views can command something.

Setting a good price for your apartment based on the above factors will keep you from being cheated out of a worthy deal.  

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