Friday, October 3, 2014

Home Comforts: Rent a Myrtle Beach House

When you go on vacation in North Myrtle Beach, the usual choice is to stay at a hotel. However, there are several reasons why renting private real estate would be a better idea.

For one, a vacation rental is cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you plan to stay for a long time. Families and large groups also gain better communal experience if they choose to stay together on a vacation rental. Even though vacation rentals are mostly beneficial to larger groups, the independent vacationer may also benefit from staying in one.

Vacation rentals suit people who like to have more space at a lower price. Compared to a hotel room, they are roomier and more private. Renters also have access to a kitchen and a washer where they can cook their meals and do their own laundry, thus saving on dining and housekeeping expenses. Some places in condominium complexes or resorts may give guests access to a golf course, concierge service, etc.

There are also travelers who like to camouflage as locals. Instead of heading back to a hotel surrounded by the usual tourist spots, vacation rentals vary in location. Tourists staying in one can mingle more freely with the locals, and get a better chance to truly experience the place’s lifestyle.

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