Sunday, November 8, 2015

Why It’s Great to Look into the North Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market

Why should one look into the real estate of North Myrtle Beach? Well, as it turns out, the city offers many great perks for its residents. For those who want to relocate in a coastal resort city, it’s one of the most viable options around. Here’s a look at the reasons why. It’s in the Name The foremost notable attraction of the place is its coastal location—Myrtle Beach boasts over 60 miles of uninterrupted beach stretches. The best thing about this lengthy amount of beach land is that it remains relatively uncrowded even when tourists arrive during the peak seasons. It’s a really good way to enjoy the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The place offers something new every season: having fun at the beach during summer is a given. In winter, residents can enjoy watching snowbirds.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Myrtle Beach Realtors: Property Investment Tips for Would-Be Landlords

With the promise of profitability, many set out to buy investment properties and try to become landlords. The problem is that many budding investors are not fully aware of the ins and outs of owning a property. Investment properties can be really tricky, starting from when you are just looking for an ideal house to rent up to when you already have tenants settled in. For would-be landlords, Realtors from Myrtle Beach, SC real estate firms like Coldwell Banker Chicora Real Estate can offer some tips and advice. Don’t Buy for Yourself It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of buying a new house that you can often lose sight of what it’s for. If you are serious about getting money out of this new house in the long run, treat it like an investment. You are not buying for yourself, but for potential tenants.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Houses for Sale in Myrtle Beach, SC: Are You Ready to Be a Homeowner?

Buying a house is such a huge and grown-up decision; it could also prove to be scary for a few people. Some would even put off buying reasonably-priced houses for sale in Myrtle Beach, SC or any other thriving market due to their uncertainty. Realtors will tell you that there’s nothing to fear so long as you are prepared, but how does one know if he or she is really ready to be a homeowner? Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before you set out to find a new home. Have I saved up enough? Sound advice for all homebuyers: make sure that you are financially stable before you splurge on your new home. You need to have saved enough for the down payment, moving expenses, home insurance, and all other costs involved in buying a new house. Don’t forget maintenance costs as well.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tips for Buying a House with Friends—Myrtle Beach Homes for Sale

Do you want to buy a home in Myrtle Beach but you don’t have enough cash to pay for it all alone? Instead of letting your single status keep you from owning a home, why not share the dream with your best friends and purchase a place together? An increasing number of unattached singles are pooling their resources together for a joint property purchase. Banks and financial institutions have taken notice of this trend and are providing financing to two or more friends who wish to buy a home together.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Myrtle Beach Condos for Sale: 3 Factors When Buying for Rental Income

Some investors in the market for condos for sale are interested in purchasing such type of property either because they either anticipate its value considerably within a target period or because they want it for rental income. Since condo units in general do not appreciate as fast as most single family homes do, many people choose to rent them out instead of passively wait for its value to go up. If you consider buying a condo unit here in Myrtle Beach for the same purpose, here are three factors you need to consider to find the right property for your goal.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Buyers Should Care More about Energy Efficiency in Real Estate

Life in Myrtle Beach, SC has a lot of perks. The place offers a lot of amenities, attractions, and opportunities to make a living. Perhaps foremost of all these is the city’s relatively low cost of living at around seven percent lower than the national average – something not typical of a resort city. With the aforementioned qualities, it wouldn’t be a surprise how the city attracts many prospective residents. Relocating to the city would mean going through the real estate market, and for anyone looking for a home, many considerations will pop up, and they need to be addressed. Neighborhood, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, and home type are just some of the widely known considerations a potential homebuyer will face. One factor that many might not consider—but nonetheless important—is energy efficiency.