Monday, October 27, 2014

Myrtle Beach Digs Sand Volleyball

If plans go right, Myrtle Beach will be the mecca for sand volleyball tournaments along the northern Carolina coast. The city has earmarked $300,000 to build a three-court sand volleyball facility along an unused stretch of land on Pebble Beach. The venue will include shower amenities, locker rooms, and spectator seating.

For now, negotiations remain ongoing regarding the city’s use of the privately-owned land. City managers are awaiting permission to build as leasing terms are still being drawn up. Given this development, Coastal Carolina University is considering adding beach volleyball to its curriculum to generate more interest in the sport.

The city intends for the court facilities to draw more visitors during events like the NCAA beach volleyball tournaments. Other commercial volleyball events have also been scheduled once the courts are completed hopefully by mid-2015. During the off-season, the courts will be available for public use or private company contests.

Sports-tourism is part and parcel of a coastal town way of life. The nature of volleyball coupled with the fun atmosphere and suitable weather conditions are enough to add to the town’s appeal as a recreation hub. Local realtors are just as hopeful for this project’s success because when visitors fall in love with the place, the chances of settling or buying a vacation home here are better.

Beyond the commercial aspect, sports are what keep us looking and feeling young. Perhaps that’s the attraction of the Myrtle Beach’s lifestyle; the proverbial fountain of youth wrapped in a sports package. 

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