Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Personalizing Your Home with Color

Who says you need to stick to dull neutrals or earthy tones when decorating your home? Don’t play it safe; play with color instead! Adding a bold twist to your space is one of the easiest ways to give it some personality, and with the right design tricks, you won’t be sacrificing the room’s classiness and timeless appeal.

Two-Tone Tweaks
The room can be sophisticated even if it’s two-toned, but you have to choose the complementing color combinations. The best rule would be to choose one dark and one pale dye, or one bold and one muted shade. If you’re going to paint the room, paint one wall with color and the rest with white, so it won’t be overwhelming.

Suggestions: fuchsia and olive green, pastel pink and navy blue, lime green and sage green.

Blue is the New Neutral
Layer with blue instead of traditional neutrals, to give your rooms a chic, calming twist. If you’re choosing bolder shades of blue, tone it down with cream colors or earth tones.
Suggestions: royal blue and chocolate brown, electric blue and red, teal and yellow.

Work with Black and White
Make a strong minimalist statement with a monochromatic theme, but scatter pops of color here and there to give any room an icebreaker. Incorporate colorful art pieces, framed photos, greens or flowers, and other ornaments in a dominantly black and white design.

Suggestions: black and white plus crimson, mustard yellow, or aquamarine.

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