Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tips on Inspecting Myrtle Beach Houses for Sale

A beach house is a major investment. You’ll want to be sure you’re getting a good deal, and you can do this by having the home inspected. Here are key things you shouldn’t overlook during the inspection:

1.    Check all of your primary house systems: electricity, bathroom, roofing, basement or crawlspace, appliance furnishings, insulation etc. Gather details about the following:

·         Is the house connected to a public sewer?
·         How’s the HVAC system? Is there an AC? A furnace? How old are these equipment?
·         How about the plumbing? Being close to ocean water can cause water lines to rust due to salt deposits. Have a plumber inspect them.

2.    Order extra inspection reports, such as mold inspection, pool inspection, wind mitigation report, termite infestation report, and seawall inspection; otherwise, you’ll only be provided the standard inspection report.

3.    Hire only a licensed South Carolina home inspector. If your home inspector finds defects in your furnace, do further checks from a specialist to find out whatever repairs may be required. 

4.    If you’re getting a beachfront house, hire a geological surveyor to determine whether the shore is firm or eroding. Don’t forget to research about storms and tides to verify if your area is prone to flooding.

Buying your first home at the shore is a big milestone for you as a property owner. How you get to enjoy it in the years to come will depend on how vigilant you are before you close that deal.

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