Friday, January 9, 2015

How Staging Homes Can Impress Would-be Buyers

A homebuyer’s decision is greatly affected by his/her first impression of a house for sale. Most homebuyers would be drawn to a home with apparent curb appeal, then staging like the way it’s done by experienced brokers ought to do the rest. Here are some tips on staging your home:

Make the exterior stand out

Use traffic-stopping color to catch the attention of would-be buyers. Paint keystones and walkways with two shades that complement the house color. Improve the landscaping by trimming hedges and planting colorful flowers in bloom. Outdoor decks and patios should be spruced up as well.

Clean up your act in the bathroom

Nothing can put off a buyer more than grimy bathroom walls. Try mixing one part water with one part bleach in a spray bottle, then apply and watch the mold disappear. Clean a grimy shower door with a mixture of one part muriatic acid and about 10 parts water. Scrub with steel wool then wipe it down.

Add a modern flavor to the Kitchen

Dated kitchen cabinets can look dreadful to potential buyers. Instead of replacing them, just stain them. Apply the stain in even strokes, going with the grain of the wood. Add stylish handles/pulls and your kitchen will look like it belongs in this century. Studies show that new kitchen appliances are a plus for sellers, so get rid of old ones that make the kitchen look dated. 

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