Thursday, December 11, 2014

Low Mortgages Present Incentives to Buy Homes

High mortgages are one of the major obstacles in a home purchase plan; however, with plummeting mortgage rates, many are taking advantage of the low payments. Many are now thinking of buying homes with the financial help provided by established financing or real estate companies.

One neighborhood buyers should look into is North Myrtle Beach, which is an appealing choice given that it has an ACCRA cost of living index of 96.7 percent (compared to the national average of 100 percent). In addition, North Myrtle Beach currently has an inventory of about 20,000 houses and condos to accommodate new residents, a number that is expected to increase by 15 percent in the next five years.

Retirees are likely to enjoy living in North Myrtle Beach, or any other place in the city for that matter, thanks in part to South Carolina’s tax laws. Social Security Benefits aren’t taxed in the state and the deductions made on retirement income (when calculating state income tax) are quite small compared to other places.

Myrtle Beach itself boasts of about 60 miles of uninterrupted shoreline, which means an environment conducive to healthy outdoor activities like swimming. It all begins by working with a reputable Myrtle Beach real estate company. Now that mortgage rates offer excellent opportunities, there’s relatively little homebuyers have to worry about in getting into one of South Carolina’s best communities.

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