Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Raising Kids and Living in Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos can Work

Raising children in a condo is not exactly a popular choice for growing families. But with some rethinking and the willingness to find solutions to make things work, it can be achieved. Architect William Boyd and his wife Zeljka bought their one-bedroom condo when they were single, but when the children started coming, they decided their tight budget would be better spent on redesigning their space. As it turned out, the small, 818-square-foot unit had space for everyone and everything. The key, according to the Boyds is to give everything multiple uses so as every inch of space has its use. They carved out a bedroom for their daughter, Helena, 3, and a small nursery for their 9-month-old son Luke. Zeljka commends her husband’s efforts, saying that “the space doesn’t feel smaller; it actually feels larger.” According to Pat Jeffries of The Oregonian, the redesign “is a warm, sophisticated home with room for everyone.”

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