Saturday, August 2, 2014

Living with the Kids up High

Raising children in a condo complex, especially those considered prime North Myrtle Beach real estate, is not exactly what growing families may have in mind. However, a little due diligence can make that happen in the most positive way, but how does a growing family settle into apartment life and still have the best of both worlds?

If family is a priority, couples should scout for a community where their children will be comfortable. An ideal family condo complex will have playgrounds and libraries for the kids, plus some facilities for the adults. Locations that have a very vibrant nightlife might not be the best option because of noise during wee hours.
Access to nearby schools and health centers will be a plus. Some people may argue that breathing the fresh sea air right outside your apartment actually works for the kids, especially as they are vulnerable to pollutants early on. In some cases, condo-dwelling parents with young children can plan to have part of their room fixed as nurseries to help optimize their rest periods.

High-rise oceanfront condos can be ideal homes in which to raise a family with the beach not far away. Round-the-clock access to fresh air, sun, and water is a fun way to develop the family ties and make new friends among the neighbors. 

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