Friday, July 4, 2014

Buying or Selling? You Need a Real Estate Agent

Real estate investments can be very lucrative though risky. It’s easy for people to lose their wealth on a sale or purchase that goes wrong, just as it is easy for them to build their fortunes by closing a well-negotiated deal. Buyers and sellers alike, therefore, would do well to work with a real estate agent who can boost their chances of a favorable outcome.
Buyers mainly benefit from an agent’s knowledge of the local area as such a professional is likely to be familiar with the local vibe, crime rates, socioeconomic trends, and the like, as well as any properties for sale that aren’t indicated in multiple listing services. This is especially important for buyers who have a particular set of features or conditions in mind. In addition, the agent can handle much of the legwork that goes with buying a property, including home inspections, appraisals, and all the accompanying paperwork.
Sellers, on the other hand, may find a real estate agent’s expertise rather invaluable when it comes to maximizing their properties’ selling price. For example, the agent can suggest simple repairs, repaints, and other secrets of staging a property for maximum appeal. Aside from that, the agent can ‘screen’ potential buyers so that the seller won’t have to deal with scammers, window-shoppers, and the like. Finally, a real estate agent can advise clients on how to avoid litigation, e.g. putting every promise made in writing.

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